July 17


4 Reasons Writers Avoid Writing

By Odyssa

July 17, 2022

Here's a common struggle for writers: Thinking more about writing instead of sitting down and doing the actual writing. 

On this lazy Sunday in Chiang Mai here in The Writer's Club and Wine Bar, I thought about reasons why I, and most writers, are unable to write (this is not about writer 's block).


Because there are days when lying around, doing nothing, feels much better than anything else. We work so hard already in our jobs...we deserve the right to be lazy at times!?

The Writer's Club & Wine Bar, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lack of motivation

When there's no reward, monetary or emotional, I feel there's not reason to work hard on it that much. 

Lack of confidence

This comes from not writing enough and placing writing on a pedestal. Writing is simply about sitting on a desk and typing or writing words down on paper. 


Writing our thoughts, ideas, and deep-seated feelings requires us to confront ourselves and take a good - or better - look at what's around us. It's not a comfortable place to be. 

Nature writer Rachel Carson says this about writing: 

'Writing is largely a matter of application and hard work, of writing and rewriting endlessly, until you are satisfied that you have said what you want to say as clearly and simply as possible.'

It is truly just a matter of carving time out of each day to write a few sentences or paragraphs at the minimum. When I took a memoir-writing class from Palanca award winner Dr. Joem Antonio, he encouraged the class to write just one sentence per day

The Lost Bookshop, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Here's a great thought from Adam Savage of Mythbusters:

The first law of thermodynamics: an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. To get you started, you need to become the outside force that starts the (mental and physical) ball rolling, which overcome the inertia of inaction and indecision, and begins the development of real creative momentum. 

Nothing will work if you and I don't. And writing is work. Any work's requisite are desire, will, and action. Hoping to find an abundance of these three during my stay here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

The Writer's Club & Wine Bar is located in 141/3, Rachadamnoen Rd., Phra Sing, Muang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand. 

The Lost Book Shop is in Ratchamankla Road, Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, 50200, Thailand.


I am currently reading  Adam Savage's Every Tool's a Hammer. I think it's a wonderful book that encourages makers and creators to keep going. 


About the author

Odyssa is a writer from the Philippines. She is the author of Like A New Sun Rising: A Collection of Poems on Love. When not working or writing at home, she's out walking their dogs. She enjoys traveling, practices yoga, gets lost in books and Korean drama. To her, making time for a daily practice or ritual is the best gift to one's self.

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